HiQ photos, 3: Saving

In part 2 we looked at the settings in the client for getting the highest possible quality of the photos. Now we will take a snapshot and learn how to save them on the harddrive of your computer for further work.

Normally I take my photos using the shortcut Shift-Cmd-S on my Mac. On the PC you will use the shortcut Shift-Ctrl-S instead.

1. Look around you and locate a nice object, a scenery, an animal or a gorgeous avatar… ;o)

2. Use the shortcut from above to take the snapshot

3. A popup window like the one below will apear

4. Locate the Snapshot destination box on top of the window and click Save to your harddrive

5. In the lower half where the second red arrows points you will have to check the box with High resolution snapshot
Unfortunately this setting resets every time you logout so you have to do that for every photosesssion while all the other settings stuck.

6. Now you have to click the Refresh Snapshot button below the thumbnail image to resample the image with this higher resolution.

7. Normally the client saves your snapshot in a compressed JPEG-format but that is not good enough for us, so we have to change that as well.

8. Click the Format button in the middle of the window and select PNG-format from the drop down menu.

9. Lastly we have to tell the client where to save our photos. Click the Save button just below the thumbnail image and select Save as. A window like below will apear…

This is what it looks on a Mac and it will look rather different if you are on a Pc or on Linux. I will boot up my Ubunto and Pc computers and take those screendumps any day soon if you have problems finding out how it works. Just let me know.

The point is to select a folder with a good name where you dump all your photos at first. I call that folder Snapshots… because thats exactly what they are.  I am a dedicated RL photographer as well so I have the habit to take huge amount of photos. In RL they are in RAW format (think 20 MB each) and in SL they are in high quality png format instead of simple jpg’s.

Advice! Separate the photographic session from the editorial post work. Concentrate first on taking many photos from different angles with different lightings and just let them pile up in your snapshot folder on your harddrive. See how a RL photographer works with taking many 100 snapshots in one sesssion. When you think you might have something there it is time for selecting the goodies.

The files in my example have grown from about 150 KB as the standard snapshot size to up to about 5 MB. That is beacuse the files now contain a lot more valuble information that can be used to enhanced your photos a great deal. But the important thing now is to be decisive and select the few really great ones and be cold hearted enough to erase all the others.

Have you heard the frase “it is hard to kill your own darlings“…. now is the time to practice that and just trow 97 out of 100 great photos!
When I have done a photo session I move the few good ones to a folder named Selected and then erase all others in the Snapshot folder to be prepared for the next session.

I next episod we will look what to do with the 2-3 really good selected photos that now are of the highest possible quality!

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