HiQ photos 7: Portraits

I really love to take photos InWorldz and to try to make them look as good as possible. There are some easy things to learn how to improve the quality of your photos. If you haven’t read my old articles about high quality photography you find the links here to the left.

I mostly do landscapes and try to document the places I like the most in here. In future articles I will try to dig into how to make as good landscape photos as possible but before that I will dig into another object for my photography passion…. portraits. Below you can see a few example of my portraits and below then I will give you the first of my best tips to be successful in making nice portraits.

The main things for making good portraits are composition and lighting. I will talk about lighting in a later article so lets focus on composition right now.

First you have to be able to control the situation you are going to do your photography in. To do that many photographers prefer to work in a studio, both in RL and IW. As you can control the lighting IW there is really no need for the studio, I find it better to use a “natural” surounding so i have a list of landmarks to great places for photography.

The other thing you have to control is the model… and that might be trickier as there have been a lot off effort put in them to make them move at random, nice moving AO:s and all those things. Sometimes it works just to focus with the camera and take snapshots all the time and hope for the best. But most of the time it is easier to take control and arrange the set to your liking. Anyhow that is often more predictable and a faster way to work.

The main thing is the eyes, as the head often follows where the eyes goes. So I have made a tool called “Us Portrait Ball” that lets you get full control over the eyes of the model. Look at the photo below and you can spot the green ball between myself and Anna. I the top right corner you can see a menu controlling the ball.

It works like this:

1. Rezz the ball in front of the model. A menu will appear on your screen.
2. Ask the model to hold the ALT- key and click with the left button on the ball. This will lock her eyes on the ball.
3. Focus your camera on the model.
4. Use the menu buttons to move the ball, left-right, up-down, back-forward, and the eyes of the model will follow until you have the perfect angle for your camera.
5. The Ball automatically shuts off the scripts after 5 min, so that you don’t leave it on unintentionally. Just click the ball to start the scripts again.

With this tool it is easy to control where the model looks and that is the first part of the composition posts.

If you are interested in this tool you can buy it at the vendors in:

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  • Anna Loom  On November 30, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    WOW Us! I didn’t realise that all that time of not talking would produce these wonderful portraits. Would it be possible to use these for my/our Profile?

  • bebe mahogany  On November 30, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Great tips! Thanks for posting these for us.

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