How to upgrade an OpenSim server connected to MySQL

In a previous post i described how to upgrade the OpenSim server software if you are using SQLite. It is important to make this as easy and simple as possible  as new versions seems to be released rather frequently. My server have only been running for a short period, but judging by that it seems to be about 2 weeks between new releases.

Since that previous post about how to upgrade I have migrated from SQLite to MySQL (se a separate blog post about how to do that) so this post will focus on the differences. I have been looking for good instructions on how to perform an upgrade but have not found any decent one, so decided to put a simple step – by – step instruction for how i did it. It is really  a very simple task…

First some facts for my installation:

– I run the operating system Ubuntu 10.10 on an old MacBook
– I use SQLite and not MySQL (SQLite is the default installation)
– I have 6 regions
– My installation is in the bin directory in my home directory

I did like this:

1. Shutdown your OpenSim server by typing shutdown in the terminal window
2. Backup some files….

Create a backup directory in the home directory (not in the bin directory) and copy the following files

  • bin/OpenSim.ini – the main configuration file
  • bin/Regions/Regions.ini – the configuration of my 4 regions
  • bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini – the database configuration file

3. Then change the name of the OSGrid directories from bin and optional to bin.old and optional.old. That way you can always revert back to the old installation if all goes completely wrong
4. Download and unpack the new package from
5. It is not recommended to just copy back the old ini-files as the structure in them and the default settings changes rather frequently. It is a really demanding task to compare to files and find the sometimes very tiny changes. But don’t despair….  there are tools to help you with this. If you are using Windows you can use for example Examdiff, Winmerge, WinDiff or some of the other free tools available. As I use Ubuntu Linux i use a tool called Meld (that also works on Mac) and that is in the Ubuntu repository. You just open the old and the new ini-files in Meld and the differences will be shown very clearly and you can easily copy and  past the needed changes between them. In the snapshots below you can see what it looks like in Meld.

Below you can see an overview with the old file to the right and the new one to the left. The green area shows a new block and the arrow where it is inserted in the old file

In the lower part of this screenshot you also can see a tiny difference between the two files that is so easy to miss, but Meld shows very clearly what to do.

Now are the new configuration files updated with the relevant information from the old files and all is set.
6. Start up your server again….   Voila! That didn’t take more than 5 minutes actually so please keep your Sims updated!

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