Hypergrid: how to enable and use…

One of the coolest thing with OpenSim is the possibillity of using the Hypergrid. Now what in the world is that? Well, think of the grid you are using as a webserver, even though it probably are using lots of servers. The same way the webservers around the world are conected with link you can connect the differnt grids to a worldwide hypergrid where it is possible to make teleports between differnt grids. You can either do this with the aid of certain tools (as i will show later in this post) or by using chat comands. It is however really simple to enable the Hypergrid on your own server and I hope this post will show that.

Even if that is fantastic it doesnt end there! You just have to be registred at the grid where you start your journey and then all your name and your inventory will follow your around without having to registrer on any of the grids you visit. So you will not rezz as Ruth the first time you apear in a new grid, you will look the way you have selected for your avatar and you will have all the tools and things you are used too.

Even though this is a great part of the OpenSim server not all of the grids built on opensim software have choosen to implement it. For example Avinatiion, InWorldz and ofcourse Second Life are not possible to reach. The official reson is often security or the prevention of content theft. Those are good and valid reasons but there are also often other reasons in the background. We users are used to the behaviour of Microsoft and Apple and know their urge to lock their customers up. I am old enough to remember that Microsoft even tried to launch a properitatry alternative to the Internet (and I still have the marketing T-shirt that I sometimes use when Microsoft exectutives are around. It is great fun to see their reaction…   ;o)

So lets get started…

First some facts for my installation:
– I run the operating system Ubuntu 10.10 on an old MacBook
– I use MySQL (and not the default SQLite)
– I have 6 regions
– My installation is in the bin directory in my home directory

First we need to enable the Hypergrid mode on the OpenSim server. I did like this: 

1. Shutdown your OpenSim server by typing shutdown in the terminal window

2. Backup your bin/OpenSim.ini file

3. Edit bin/OpenSim.ini with your favorite editor

4. Search for the word Architecture, then you will find the section in the image below:

5. The semicolons to the left of the lines indicate what line that are active or commented out. Put semicolons in front of the line that are active now and remove it from the line marked with yellow in the image above. Save your file.

6. Restart your OpenSim server. On Linux you just have to type on the up or down arrow keys to recall previous commands.

So no big bang or any noticeable difference… so lets check if it is working. Lets do it the quick and nerd way… ;o)

(Remember that you have to be on a sim with Hypergrid enabled, like the one we just enabled above.)

1. Copy the text below:


2. Paste it in local chat in your client (I use Imprudence Experimental 1.4) and press enter

3. Click on the link that shows up in the chat window

4. Soon a normal teleport map window shows up (be patient on busy regions)

5. Click on the teleport button

Oups… away we go.. hold your hats…. and hopefully we will arrive in another grid. Look at the name tag above your ava and the label when you chat. After a while you might feel lost and want to get back home. Calm down, it is easy.

1. Open the World Map (ctrl-M)

2. Top right in that window you find the button “Go Home”

3. Fantastic… right?

Before we hyperjump further, please take a look at that link and notice it looks a little bit different than a normal teleport link.

The normal URL used to teleport in the same grid looks: secondlife://regionname/X/Y/Z

while a Hypergrid teleport ‘URL’ looks like this:       secondlife://hostaddress:port:regionname/X/Y/Z

Not that big difference really but still important to know if you want to understand all this.

Now I guess you want to start exploration of the Hypergrid.

Well, first I have to bring some bad news and explain that there are different versions of Hypergrid and guess what… they are not compatible.. ;o(  So you must know what version you are on to know where it is possible to hyperjump. The good thing is that most of the big grids like OSGrid are on the same version that is called Hypergrid 1.5 Bellona (based on OpenSim 0.7.1)

There are some registers of places open on the Hypergrid and there are even arranged tours that you can participate in. Look at these places for hypergrid links. If there is a button or a link for a hyperjumps, just right-click and select “copy link”. Then you can paste it to the local chat in same way as I showed earlier.


In my next post I will show how you can set upp automatic hyperjumps between different grids and how you can use the fantastic automatic Hypergates to ease up all this. I will also post some of my favourite places in the Hypergrid.

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