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HiQ photos, 4: InWorldz viewer

I got some emails from people using the InWorldz viewer. They had trouble finding some of the setting I have been going on about. They are still there but in a bit different places. So first I checked if there was a new version available and to my surprise i found the the current version is dated back in May…

However I logged in with the InWorldz viewer and took the snapshop below of where to find those settings that are a bit different.

1. You have to use the advanced menu. Look on top of the menu bar and see if you have the Advanced menu activated.

2. If not…. press the shortcut combination Ctrl-Alt-D on PC and newer Mac:s (but Opt-Ctrl-D on older Mac:s)…. Voila… it appears… hopefully!

3. Enable High-res Snapshots by clicking on the line the red arrow points at

4. When you have shot a snapshot and the Snapshot Preview window pops up (to the left above) it might look smaller than on my screenshots in part 3 of these posts. That is the same for both Imprudence and for the InWorldz viewer.

5. Then you have to click the more button where the red arrow points at, to make the window bigger and to be able to do the Save settings from the previous blog post (look below).

Let me know if you still have some problems. Now the big question for the next part is… shall we start with Photoshop or The Gimp? I wonder what is mostly used InWorldz?

I also received a question in the forum:

Us, I followed your instructions on your blog about this and I changed the settings just as you said and my screen went black. I quickly went back to the default settings and my screen was still black. I had to relog to get things back to normal. I was using the IW viewer. Any idea what went wrong?

I forgot to mention in the post that this sometimes happens when you change the Hardware settings. I looks horrible but there is a very simple fix for it…. Just drag the Quality and performance slider all the way to the left, wait for things come back to the screen, and then drag it all the way back to the right again. Sorry for forgetting to mention this… ;o)