VPS for OpenSim, Part 4: Tips and tricks no.1

I have recieved some messeges from people that have been trying out my instructions in the real world! Amazing it seems to work… that makes me so happy to be of some use for someone. But to get the sim up end running is only a starting point and I will try continue to give you some hints on how to make things work a bit better and also in the long run.

If you have followed my instructions you have hopefully a working installation but with one major problem. Every time you shut down the terminal window on the server the sims stops working. No Good at all!

I think you have guessed that there might exist a simple solution for this. The name of that is screen.

1. Log in to your server with the ssh terminal.

2. sudo apt-get install screen (install screen. It may allready be installed)

3. screen (that starts something that looks like a terminal window)

4. sudo env LANG=C mono OpenSim.exe (start OpenSim and wait for the startup to finish)

6. ctrl-a d  (hold ctrl and type a release ctrl and press d)

The terminal window will close on the server but dont worry it is still running there in the background.

You can now log of the server and even close down your desktop client. Check with your OSGrid client that you still can log into your regions.

When you want to get in contact with the OpenSim server again you just do like this…

1. Log in to your server with the ssh terminal.

2. screen -r (r=reconnect) Voila… you are back were you left of.

Magic… huh?

P.S. By the way… another quickie. There are a huge number of other commands to the screen tool. If you want to read about them just type man screen and you will be able to read about them. Man = manual and is there for all other commands and tools in Linux as well. A built in documentation that is very useful if you have as short memory as I have..  D.S.

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